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Visitor Analytics aims at providing its users an app that offers everything around ones website-statistics, behavior, analytics and ads. No more switching between different applications in order to find out about the most important happenings on ones' website. Measures to improve usability and success can hence be abstracted way more easily and efficiently. One Installation. Usable by anyone.

If you get overwhelmed by the number of charts and info in your analytics app, we have your back. Look no further! We prepared a small and easy-to-follow dictionary for analytics terms and tracking metrics within Visitor Analytics!

Having a website is not an easy job, but learning statistics and analytics terms might be. Since you landed here, most probably you are quite new around, so we thought about giving you some tips and tricks to get the most out of our app in no time!

The very beginning of how to use and understand Visitor Analytics starts from the Wix Market and it is installable with just a couple of clicks. No code changing needed.

Are you offering a software in which you would like to include a statistic tool for your customers (i.e. a website-builder, CMS-provider, etc.)?

Offer your clients our user friendly website analytics directly integrated into your platform and under your brand style.

Building your own analytics may be very time (and money) consuming: you need to code a complex infrastructure to support all your clients' traffic, scale fast, offer statistics to fit your needs, design a native friendly interface, make a GDPR-compliant architecture and so much more.

We, at Visitor Analytics, developed the idea of "Analytics as a Service" via an API to integrate and offer website analytics to your existing users using an iframe or directly accessing our API (complete freedom regarding your UI/UX). Other solutions on the market are very expensive, almost impossible to customize and only provide standard data.

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